Welcome to The Cheese Shop Canterbury.   We have the most amazing hand made cheeses – lots of British as well as  some Continentals which we just couldn’t do without.

See more about our cheese.  We are mixing it up between hard, soft, the blues and regionals, and young lemony fresh next to fine crystallised vintages as sweet as a nut on the palate!

We are passionate about the cheese tasting and learning experience, so please join us for cheese tapas and maybe a glass of something to wash it down.

We also do celebration cheese cakes, condiments, cheese accessories and lots of lovely things!


If you would like to order cheese for next day delivery please see Our Cheese and order via the Contact Us form.


Based in the trendy bit of Canterbury on the Kings Mile, we aim to give you the experience of cheese tasting within a working environment; with great chats and good company, enjoying this very special hand made produce.  You can buy to take home, have a nicely boxed gift, or enjoy in the Cheese Bar at the back of the shop, with local wine, ale, pickle or home made cheesecake and coffee.  We hope to see you soon!


Brand Vision

Simplicity, wholesomeness and quality. The goal is to build a cheese shop which surpasses the expectation of a small outlet part way along a hippy-style street in Canterbury; and which delivers delicious product, presented well, which will give to customers friends and families true pleasure.   If I can achieve that, I will be happy! …

Cheese Aging

Different cheese types need different environments.  A cheddar would benefit from cool humidity.   Winterdale Shaw situated in the North Kent Downs mature their stunning cheddar in caves.  A traditionally made cloth bound cheese, it has perfect moisture content and stunning dryish texture; full of flavour! A washed rind cheese, like stinking bishop or oxford …


Situated in the trendy King’s Mile area of Canterbury, our small shop close to the top of Palace Street, is easily missed, so be sure to follow your nose!  Mmmm.

55 Palace Street – Canterbury – CT1 2DY
01227 78553507411 971236

Please use this form to order.  See Our Cheese