Lockdown Blues

During lockdown I’m going to offer something special, however you have to join in at the start to get the full benefits.

For £12 a week I’ll deliver to you a basic yet very tasty cheddar for sandwiches/cheese on toast/cooking, etc. plus 2 other cheeses. I will work you through my selection so that by the end of the lockdown period you will have tasted a lot of amazing and different cheese! I’m going to make you some notes for each one, and you can rate them for your. own info!

For the first week it will be:


Colston Bassett STILTON

Barber’s 1833 basic cheddar – good n tasty.

3 pieces £10.50 (in the shop) or £12.50 locally delivered. (Piece sizes approx 100-150g). Min 3 week’s commitment needed ;).

It’s not big! … It’s clever 😉

To add to this super little deal, please see Cheese in Stock