Brand Vision

Simplicity, wholesomeness and quality.

My goal is to build a Cheese Shop which surpasses the expectation of a small outlet part way along a hippy-style street in Canterbury; and which delivers delicious product, presented well, and providing customers friends and families, with true pleasure.   If I can achieve that, I will be happy!


Cheese Aging

Different cheese types need different environments.  A cheddar would benefit from cool humidity.   Winterdale Shaw, a traditionally made cloth-bound cheddar, is matured in caves providing the perfect moisture content in the environment, to provide a cheese also left with the right moisture content whilst being full of flavour!

Whereas, a washed rind cheese, like stinking bishop, Oxford isis, Rollright or Epoisses, is more suited to a warmer humidity.  These are the truly stinky cheeses whose bacteria, notably brevibacterium linens, develop through the regular washing of the cheese in brine or alcohol, creating the pungent smell, orange rind and yet often successfully creating a beautiful creamy soft-tasting paste.

And, a bloomy rind (for example, camembert or brie), usually likes a slow-cooler maturity, however, maturity can be sped up or slowed down by storing at the right temperature.  And slight adjustments can subtly change the cheese.

Cheese affineurs (maturers), use a bit of science as well as their senses to take a hand made cheese to perfection.