Celebration Cheese Cakes

A wedding cheese cake is very special!   Impressive in stature and dressed to suit the occasion, it can offer you an imaginative way to present your cheese course or adorn your buffet.

Cheese comes from the farm looking all rather rustic and natural.  However the colours can be surprisingly varied.   With a bit of coaxing and careful selection, an intense white brie layer can contrast well with a natural rinded cheese which has been soaked in port to give a burgundy hue (and an aged taste)!  And the nettle white/olive leaf pattern of a Cornish Yarg presented on a tasty sussex camembert as a base, folds nicely into the water colour blue wash of a Cashel to create a lovely balance of cheeses as well as a very impressive looking wedding cheese cake!   Sensibly priced and providing a memorable reception treat!

Cheeses can be arranged for a variety of celebrations, and for corporate functions.  Hire of cheese cutters, boards and cake bases is available.

As a guideline – for after dinner, assume 80g to 100g per person to calculate the kilos required, and multiply by £30/kilo for the best quality most delicious cheeses.   That should be your maximum price.    Example: 60 people x 100g = 6 kilos = £180 (max).