Karly Vickers, from Kent, grows most of what she uses in her produce. And what she doesn’t grow she tries to forage, for true home grown Kentish flavours!

Karly’s Pickle & Chutney
Pear & Wallnut£3.50
Apple Ale & Chutney£3.50
Red Onion, Wine & Cranberry£3.50
Piccalilli with Pear£3.50
Tomato Fig & Onion£3.50
Cucumber Pickle£3.50
Spiced squash, date & orange (to add to the above table). £3.50.

To go with some of the continental cheeses or as an appetiser with a glass of something nice, this selection is absolutely worth trying! Especially the olives!!

Olives and Peppers
Perello Gordal Pitted Olives
(picante) 150g tin
Perello Gordal Pitted Olives
(picante) 600g tin
Perello Cocktail Mix (picante) 150g tin
(green olives, black olives, small gherkins and baby onions)
Perello Guindilla Chillies (hot) 130g jar. £2.90

The best ever cracker-selection!

Peter’s Yard Sourdough original £2.90
Peter’s Yard Spelt & Fig £2.90
Peter’s Yard Triple Pack Sourdough crackers
(original, rye & charcoal, poppy seed)
Captain’s Salt & Cracked Pepper
(made in Kent)
Captain’s Ale & Rosemary
(made in Kent)
Captain’s Chia & Chive
(made in Kent)
Captain’s Warm Chilli
(made in Kent)
Sheriden’s Rye & Linseed. Irish crackers£3.10

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